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The purpose of this community organization shall be to promote, supervise and finance all Believe youth sports, programs, education, and other activities. To collaborate with agencies to provide full services to youth and families. To uplift and open individuals to their talents that they may pass on their knowledge and become effective future community leaders by giving them an opportunity to introduce additional programs to the center.
Tonya Duran and Dan Roman founded the Sports Academy Center (SAC) organization in 1997. As parents and coaches they both helped to create team unity and identity without judgment of a player's religion, racial or ethnical background or economic status. Over the last 15 years the SAC helped establish & maintain over 20 different sports teams. Tonya also began to establish and assist with the Feed Lucas County Children Program, El Corazon de Mexico folkloric dance group, Police Athletic League (PAL) and many more programs. Teaching the motto "Services to others, is the rent we pay for living" keeps the memory of the late Dan Roman alive. His love for family, kids and strangers was remarkable. Believe was founded April 11, 2011, to become a umbrella for all programs and sports teams eligible for 501c3 status. Each program handbook plans their daily activities through consensus learning, meeting skills, brainstorming techniques, prioritizing, group decision making and teamwork. Believe has improved the lives of literally hundreds of children in the Toledo Community. The Believe Center believes in becoming a true partner with our community's young people. It has taught youth to become community leaders and, after they're grown, it encourages them to work with the next generation of youth. The SAC specialized in sports and with a home location in the Aurora Gonzalez building the Believe Center will now be able to provide youth and family services.
1997 Tonya coaches girls basketball at Crossgates Elementary. Dan with Bears football, Newbury Hornets boys basketball.

2000 Dan Roman's METS Baseball team (Lucas County Rec)

2001 Tonya becomes S.T.A.R.S Redskins Head Coordinator Juanita-Cheerleading coach. Tonya begins AAU boys basketball teams: Lions Dream Team.

2002 Tonya joins PAL Baseball Program, A's team, Indians Team. Tonya partners with Feed Lucas County Children. Making Highland Park and Gunkel Park eating sites for youth.

2003 Juanita coaches girls basketball at Crossgates Elementary. Tonya begins girls AAU basketball, Lady Lions.

2004 PAL sponsors Tonya's Lady Lioness Basketball Team. Dan coaches his last Championship game and wins. He passed away and the baseball diamond field was named after him at Danny Park on Broadway.

2005 Tonya creates boys AAU Vipers.

2006 Tonya creates boys AAU Gators –METS joined the PAL League.

2007 Tonya assists Libbey HS (AAU team members attend)

2008 Libbey HS is in State Finals (Tonya's sons). Tonya creates Feed Lucas County Children eating sites for youth at All S.T.A.R.S. and Mid City Football Leagues and She started a food and reading program at Glass City Church.

2012 Tonya still helps the S.T.A.R.S Thunderbolt Program but resigned position. Development of T.U.F.F grade school football league.

April -Establish a home in Aurora Gonzalez building and gave all programs a home.