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Youth participating in a program supported by the Believe Center that aims not only to develop stellar fighters and expand the sport's reach but also to give poor adolescents an alternative to crime, alcohol and drugs.

Boys/ Girls start as young as 8 compete in the outdoor matches, joining older boys as well.

Miguel said boxing has given him goals and improved self-confidence. Dozens of boxing medals hang on the wall of the family home. "Boxing has helped me a lot. I'm stronger," he said. And Miss Tonya always check on grades.

Tom, a coach, said she thinks boxing is giving is teaching Miguel discipline and will help keep him in school. He said she hopes the sport will lead to scholarships for his boxer's high school and university studies.

Similar boxing programs exist in the Toledo Area, but coaches/volunteers /organizers say the TBA matches have been bringing back the LOVE of the sport back. Since 1984, young boxers have participated in more than 3,000 fights in outdoor/indoor rings, sometimes even fighting in the rain, Tom Urbina Supervising.

"Our mission is to pull the kids out of the clutches of crime, teach them values along with discipline," said Saul Urbina, who helped start the program in 2013 with his father, Tom and is Vice President of the Toledo Boxing Association.

Carlos said boxing helps him stay away from the street and he loves being a role model for the kids in the gym.

Harnelle, said there are no soccer fields or the cost to pay a sport is why, making boxing a convenient option. "It has kept me away from problems and it doesn't cost much. I can practice it in any alleyway, in the living room of my house," Harnelle said.

One coach who encourages the young athletes is Coach Von, a former flyweight and super flyweight Boxer. He said it's rewarding to help youngsters who otherwise could slide into trouble.

"Every time a kid ends up in our hands who has behavior problems, who's doing poorly in school, and later you see that he becomes disciplined, that he manages to get ahead, it's one of the most beautiful experiences," Coach Saul said.

"I see a big future for Toledo boxing," Coach Miss Tonya said. "These matches promote boxing in Toledo a lot, which is what's needed. The talent is here."

Thanks to everyone for volunteering their time.
Much Love,
TBA Family
TBA is a non-profit, prevention program that relies heavily on boxing and tutoring. This positive influence can help defeat the gang influence, violence, and promote graduation that our young youth at risk kids deal with on a daily basis.
All donations are TAX-deductible pursuant to IRS reglations.
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